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The most common address of a router or modem along with is the IP address Let's take a closer look at how to log in, access the device settings and why admin - admin is needed.

So, what is a router, it is a network device that distributes the Internet between other network devices: computers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. A modem is a network device with which you can connect to the Internet. These devices contain small processors, their memory and operating system. These are full-fledged, independent devices. Therefore, to make any changes to the settings, you must go to the device management page. These pages are called differently: the router page, the web interface, the control panel, the router’s personal account, etc.

All manufacturers of the routers make them the standard factory settings. Ie device default settings.

Address of the router or modem. This can be either an IP address such as or, or an address that includes letters, called a hostname. As an example tplinkwifi.net, wifi.com, my.keenetic.net, etc.

Login to the web interface of the router is protected by a username and password, for security purposes. In order to gain access to the device, you must enter this username and password after opening the address in the browser. Not all manufacturers set admin - admin by default and the address is, but this information can usually be found by looking at this page.

How to login in - five easy steps:

  1. Click on this link or type in the address bar of your browser.
  2. If your browser shows you an error that means is not a correct address of your router. Read this article in this case.
  3. Are you see the router's home page - good job. Now you will need a login and password.
  4. If you forgot them or don't know how to get them just read this article to do a recover.
  5. When you will enter credentials you would have control of entire router settings.

Default router username and password

The list below contains standard creadentials. Take at look if have not changed your default login or password.

How to find out IP-address of the router

In case if your router's home page doesnt loading, or loading with some issues it's might mean your network using another addressing. Such as,, etc. Then please check out this article with addresses list or read this one to get how to find your router's IP.