Find router IP-address

If you have to change some settings of your router, you would need to log in to it. In this case you must know its IP address. Visit this page to check out your default router's IP-address. An IP address is a set of numbers and dots. Usually your network's IP-address will start with 192.168. Most routers commonlly have IP-addresses like or Its depends on your computer or device. There are a different ways to find out your router's IP address. Below listed the general steps for each one.


Open the command prompt: type in search bar 'cmd'. You will see a black window in which you'll need to type 'ipconfig'. Look for the default gateway address.


Below are listed the simplest steps for checking your router's IP-address:

  • Click the Apple menu (top of the screen)
  • Choose 'System Preferences'
  • Click the 'Network' icon
  • Choose the relevant network connection
  • Press the 'Advanced' button
  • Click the 'TCP/IP' tab to see the IP-address on the right of the router

GNU Linux

First, navigate to: Applications > System Tools > Terminal and type 'ifconfig'. You will see your router's IP listed beside 'inet'. There are may have couple entries. Look at that which starts with 'w' if you have connected through Wi-Fi or 'e' - if throught cable.


If you are using iOS 9/8, navigate to Settings > WiFi and click the wireless network to which you are currently connected. Look in the DHCP section to find out your router's IP-address.


The easiest method for Android devices is a third-party application called Wi-Fi Analyzer. After installing it, click on the 'View' menu and choose 'AP list'. You'll see 'Connected to: Network_Name'. If you click on it, you'll see your network's information including your router's IP-address.

Chrome OS

Click the notification area on the taskbar. After this click on 'Connected to Network_Name' on the list which appears. Click on the name of your Wi-Fi network and then on the 'Network' tab to display the results including your router's IP-address.

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