Recover Router User and Password

If you forgot your router's default login and password or even don't know them there is no need to worry.

Below here are listed several ways you can try.

Use the Router's Default Login and Password

First and easiest solution. All brand routers ship with documentation and with a label on the backside with its default username and password.

Look Up the Default Username and Password

If you can not find the backside label or router's documentation, look for your router's serial number or model number. You can try to find the default login through our website or the manufacturer's website.

Try to choose your router from the list below:

Router's Factory Reset

If you or someone else has already changed your password or login but you do not know it for now. There is no problem. You can always try to reset the router to factory settings instead. When you reseting router the default login and password will be restored. The reset button is a small button on backside of the router. To press it you probably will need something small or thin: pencil, pin, staple etc. Press it down for 10-15 seconds.reset router button